Will of the Sea

Virtuous Reality Studio

This innovative virtual reality game consists of a multilayer couch co-op system where players can verse a Deity in the battle of a lifetime.

Set in an icy region of the world in the future where oil reserves in the middle east have run dry, and the last reserves are deep under the Arctic.

The non-VR players aka the boats are sent by the company to retrieve the barrels spread throughout the sea.

They only have one job, an easy one their employers believe, collect the barrels and drop them at the oil rigs.

But unknown to the companies and the captains alike, the drilling has awoken an ancient protector of the seas.

Towering tall and mighty, this Deity is prepared to do whatever it takes to preserve the purity of his seas and keep the humans at bay.

As the skies fall down from above, the protector uses it to his advantage to destroy ships, freeze boats with his ice bow and freeze the oil the humans hold so dear.

They are most definitely doomed now that they've awakened the monster from his tomb hiding in shadow and dodging meteors their only option.

The reckoning of the God has come forth, flee the seas, or be destroyed by force.

Devlog 14: Dev Interview with Ralph Roma

Hey everyone! Welcome to our first dev interview! We are here with Ralph Roma, one of the devs working on Will of the Sea, to answer questions about himself, his work, and the project.

Catherine: Why don't you introduce yourself?

Ralph: I'm Ralph Roma. I'm a senior in Interactive Desgin and Game Development. I'm focusing on 3d modeling for VR and AR. I'm from Queens, New York. 

C: What is your role in the pipeline for Will of the Sea?

R: I'm doing 3d modeling and some texturing.

C: What is your favorite thing about working with the team?

R: Though we have a large team, I think everyone is equally diverse, and it is interesting how we are all working together towards creating more content and making the game meaningful.

C: What do you think biggest challenge is doing modeling for VR and AR?

R: Keeping it optimized is by far the biggest challenge, because everything has to run at a certain framerate. Something that is too high poly won't make the cut.

C: What's your favorite thing about VR and AR?

R: For VR, I like how high fidelity it is right now. Especially that it's being used as a tool for not just video games, but for educational purposes. For AR, what I like the most about it is that its incredibly accesible in comparison to VR.

C: What is your dream job after you graduate?

R: Working for startup companies around the LA area. Companies that not just make video games, but also simulations in VR and AR.

C: Any hobbies besides modeling or video games?

R: Aside from modeling and video games, I do love to play Frisbee and basketball outside of school. I also work part time as a curriculum developer for a summer tech camp.

C: Where do you think Will of the Sea will be heading in the future?

R: I'm expecting that we will have a fully functional game and we will have a large number of people downloading the build to test it. More than we have now. Since most of the team will be graduating this quarter, the ones that will remain can hopefully continue working on the game and submitting it to more student competitions.

C: Before we wrap up, anything else you'd like to say?

R: I hope that game development studios will soon realize that good game design and art content are not just for games, but you can actually use gamification methods for educational purposes, simulations, and other immersive experiences. Understanding this would make you a more versatile applicant.