Will of the Sea

Virtuous Reality Studio

This innovative virtual reality game consists of a multilayer couch co-op system where players can verse a Deity in the battle of a lifetime.

Set in an icy region of the world in the future where oil reserves in the middle east have run dry, and the last reserves are deep under the Arctic.

The non-VR players aka the boats are sent by the company to retrieve the barrels spread throughout the sea.

They only have one job, an easy one their employers believe, collect the barrels and drop them at the oil rigs.

But unknown to the companies and the captains alike, the drilling has awoken an ancient protector of the seas.

Towering tall and mighty, this Deity is prepared to do whatever it takes to preserve the purity of his seas and keep the humans at bay.

As the skies fall down from above, the protector uses it to his advantage to destroy ships, freeze boats with his ice bow and freeze the oil the humans hold so dear.

They are most definitely doomed now that they've awakened the monster from his tomb hiding in shadow and dodging meteors their only option.

The reckoning of the God has come forth, flee the seas, or be destroyed by force.

Devlog 18: Dev Interview with Avery Aparicio

Hey everyone! We are here with Avery Aparicio, one of our devs for Will of the Sea, to answer some questions.

Catherine: Go ahead and introduce yourself.

Avery: I'm Avery Aparicio. I'm one of the asset modelers and texture artists for Will of the Sea.

C: What is your role in the pipeline?

A: I make the models that go into the game and I also texture those models. When we have assets that don't have textures I do that too.

C: What is your favorite part about working with the team?

A: Kind of a lot of things, but if I had to narrow it down, it would be getting to bond with the team and work on the game with them and see the whole project come together.

C: What do you think the biggest challenge is modeling for VR?

A: Definitely the biggest challenge is making the models low definition enough so they actually work in the game while making them still look like they are intended to look.

C: What do you like most about 3d modeling?

A: I guess it's probably being able to create something from nothing the way I want to and not having to go by the limitations of physics or reality.

C: What is your dream job after you graduate?

A: I guess I'm not really too picky with what I would consider my dream job. Obviously modeling things would be great but I would love to have control over the entire creative process so an art director position would be what I would love. If I had to sum it up, I don't want to deal with other peoples limitations.

C: What are your hobbies outside of work?

A: Conversely, I guess I would have to say that one of my hobbies is my work. I love working on modeling outside of what I'm working on for my projects. Cooking in my free time and trying out new recipes is something else I enjoy. Music is also a passion of mine. Just throwing on my headphones and listening to albums in one go. I hope to be able to make traveling my hobby in the future. I also collect sneakers. 

C: Where do you see will of the sea going in the future?

A: Hopefully to an awards show and taking first place.


That wraps up with dev interview! See you back here for the next one!


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